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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Best Ways to Earn Money Online

What is Forex?
Forex, the Foreign Exchange Market, is an off exchange market, where you can trade one currency for another. For example, dollars for euros, euros for yen and so forth.

Why trade Forex?
Take a look at the Forex market today and see how prices fluctuate. If you buy low and sell high, you make profits. If the market moves against you, then you incur losses. Unlike with the stock market, when one currency is going down, there is always a currency that is going up, which makes Forex attractive for banks and hedge funds, businesses and retail investors. Continue
How do I know what currencies to buy or sell?
There are two general approaches to understanding the markets, including the Forex market. The first - technical analysis - focuses on price patterns and uses charting tools to discover them. The second - fundamental analysis - regards price behavior as a product of economic and political events. Continue

How does leverage work?
On Forex, every dollar you have in your account allows the purchasing of up to 100 units of another currency. This enhances your profit potential, but also increases risk of loss. This is called leverage. Continue

How much should I start with?
The minimum deposit to start trading live at Forex Club is just $10. However, $10 won't get you far. Even if you are a great trader, the account this small won't yield more than several dollars a day. If you are aiming higher, consider starting with a larger account. We recommend starting with $500. This way you will gain access to our ColtFX 'trading system' that teaches you how to balance risks and rewards on Forex.

How do I get started on Forex?
It's easy. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection and a program called Trading Platform. Install the trading platform on your computer and try Forex trading with 5,000 virtual dollars
EUR/USD Hourly chart
EUR/USD Hourly chart


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