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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jump the Shark

 Jump the Shark
The term "Jump the Shark" originated from an infamous Happy Days moment when The Fonz did a ridiculous "jump over a shark on water skis" stunt. YouTube it.

The phrase is used in a couple ways. It's the moment where a show started to seriously decline in quality, or it could just be a very bad, embarrassing moment in a show's history. There USED to be an amusing website where you could vote, but TV Guide bought it and basically trashed it. Anyhow, thought it'd make for an interesting topic.

So, I have a challenge. Name a show that you consider having never jumped the shark. The show should have been around for a few seasons, at least 2-3 solid seasons, preferably more, and most preferably shows that ended with season/series finales.

Also, talk about some of your favorite/most hated/most memorable "jump the shark" moments. Go!

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