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Saturday, December 18, 2010

تحميل لعبة Police Simulator-JAGUAR 1 link single كاملة

تحميل لعبة Police Simulator-JAGUAR 1 link single كاملة

 تحميل لعبة Police Simulator-JAGUAR link
You are a Police chief in control of the Police force of a European city. Co-ordinate Police cars, Police helicopters, detectives and forensic teams to make sure law and order is maintained and no crime goes unpunished! Monitor your force with the help of a detailed and realistic city map and be prepared to react to any event that takes place in your city. On the streets you will encounter during the day and night, exciting, spectacular and realistic operational scenarios - from car chases to riots! A cool head and a well-planned strategy are essential!

* A unique mixture of simulation and real-time strategy
* Fight crime in a modern, sprawling city
* Numerous landmarks such as airports and stadiums, and diverse regions such as industrial parks, banking districts, slums and VIP residential areas are all within your jurisdiction
* Spectacular operations such as Police chases, riots, robbery and much more!
* The shift from day to night determines traffic volume and crime rate
* Manage your staff, create operational plans and improve equipment and skills of your Police squads
* Comprehensive career mode with varying degrees of difficulty
* Realistic sounds

Release Name: Police_Simulator-JAGUAR
Size: 162 MB

Unrar > Burn/Mount > Install
تحميل لعبة Police Simulator-JAGUAR link
تحميل لعبة Police Simulator-JAGUAR link
download here 1 link
KEY 80471-0EB61-6740E-65DB4

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