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Thursday, December 2, 2010

You Could Save Over $500 on Car Insurance

You Could Save Over $500 on Car Insurance

If drivers who have taken a drivers education or safety course have fewer accidents, an insurer may discount that. Likewise, some cars are cheaper to repair, or do not get involved in high claims accidents. Those vehicles will cost less to insure. Insurance companies try to use their past experience to predict the future risk of a particular applicant. Car insurers also offer price brreaks for some things that save them money. If you combine more than one policy, they have not had to spend as many marketing dollars to get the business. So a company may offer a discount for multi-policy families. You may insure multiple cars or you may insure a home and a car to take advantage of this price cut. Again,, with so many factors that can affect your car insurance, it pays to compare. Use online quote forms, and the power of the internet, to save money and time on your policy! to learn more about all types of insurance we cater please visit our website at

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